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About The Pink Tent

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Hi, I'm Beth Blythe.

Several years ago, I had the privilege of working for a friend who was passionate about entrepreneurial adventures, serving Bozeman and the greater community, stewardship, and stepping out of comfort zones to pursue that to which we have been called.


I had a vision for a business that would serve women who had been through, or were expecting to go through, breast cancer surgery, but had left it on the back shelf of my mind. Whether he realized it or not, or intended it or not, my boss sparked a renewal of that vision. While it took a few more years to bear fruit, the seeds of The Pink Tent were growing under his sprinkling of wisdom, advice, and life example.


The name The Pink Tent is loosely based on one aspect of the fictional book, The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. In her story, according to the ancient law of the Bible times, women had to take refuge in the red tent during their monthly cycles or when giving birth. This red tent was where they found mutual support and encouragement from their mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends. I loved this idea of a place of gathering for support, protection, and of portability. The color pink is of course, the color associated with breast cancer.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, I found great comfort from family and friends, and surprisingly with women I barely knew, but with whom I bonded over cancer. The list of gifts and support received during this time and since has been endless!


Fast forward to 2022-23, that same support and encouragement came from friends who offered certification training, mentorship, a space for the business, seed money, inventory, and loads of encouragement. Miraculously, The Pink Tent became an official business in March 2023!


The Pink Tent is a Durable Medical Equipment Place of Service (DMEPOS) which specializes in providing customized fitting services and garments for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and/or patients who have been diagnosed with lymphedema. Durable medical equipment can be many things, but in our case is mastectomy bras, breast prosthetics, post-surgical lingerie, lymphedema sleeves, and other compression wear. As a DMEPOS, we are in network with most of the major insurance companies that serve Montanans and submit insurance claims for this equipment on behalf of our clients.


The Pink Tent has recently celebrated its one year as an accredited facility, and now our product lines are expanding and evolving to include non-mastectomy bras and other lingerie.

Let us know what products you would like to have access to in this valley! Thank you! 


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